This tutorial will guide you in steps before, during, and after you purchase of the software.

Follow these steps to continue

Step 1: Review the Software

You can demo the software by following the respective guide under the tutorial page.

Once you've demo[ed] the software and watched the videos, you now might have a general sense of the software. If you need more assistance, please be sure to install Anydesk before our support can log into your system to guide you with a demo.

Step 2: Purchase the Software

Before hitting the "Buy Now" button under the Follow POS menu, you can choose to call the sales team at (760) 524-2473 to get a quote on the software. Also, if you would like to pay with something other than a credit card, like a check, then please call them, and they can give you more information.

If you are purchasing a license or volume licensing for multiple locations, please call the sales team at (760) 524-2473 to get more information on how to continue.

After that, you can click the "Buy Now" button on either the Overview or Features List page and then click the yellow "Add to Cart" button, which will redirect you to the PayPal webpage.

Enter your information to finish the transaction.

Step 3: Contact Customer Support

After your purchase the software, you will then get an email from our offices confirming your purchase.

You can then call customer support at (760) 282-4421 to get your hardware and sofware hooked up and ready to run. This is also where you can also get in in-depth training on the sections of the software you need help on or if the current basic tutorials do not suffice.

You’re all done!

Enjoy the software!